by misterd 12. December 2009 03:38

Attention all "playahs"!  CAPECE SPORTS is on a nice little "Holiday Roll" with the NHL going 11-4 in the last 15.  With the NHL, it can take a little time for stats to really tell the necessary story for the strongest of plays, but now at this point in the season even game stats within the divisional games are bearing "fruit".  Take a look at our home and view the link to 2008/2009 and you will how this played out last year just the same.  Remember, it is a "marathon, not a sprint" when it comes to the "play".  All this in time for the upcoming OUTDOOR January 1st "Winter Classic" game for 2010 that will feature the Philadelphia Flyers against the Boston Bruins at HISTORIC Fenway Park.  The NHL has put this game on the last few years to recruit new fans to the game, kick start their national television schedule and from my perspective to bring a little of the old time flavor to the present day game that is so special and unique to the history of the NHL.  Look for some special NHL packages to start up right after the New Year, but for now, sit back, relax and let CAPECE SPORTS do the "grunt work" for you and reap the benefits.