Penguins Take The Cup!!

by misterd 16. June 2009 14:10

At the beginning of the series I felt the fact that the first six games of this series would be played within 10 days was going to be the downfall of the RedWings.  They expended so much energy winning the frst two at home that with their injuries the Penguins were able to get back into the series using their speed.  I'm not at all surprised that they won a game seven on the road as they did it in their series with Washington as well.




May 19. 2009 19:15
After the first two games no one gave the Pens a chance. Took a hit on the over the first game but more than made up for it when they moved back to the Burg. Game 5 was brutal but game 7 more than made up for it. Even though the Wings had four lines, the Pens young legs outlasted them. Looks like Sid the Kid and Malkin may be the second coming of Gretzky and Messier and that means more Cups for the Pens. On a roll with this site! Between baseball and the Stanley cup I'm off to a good start for the summer! Keep em coming Capece!


Mister DiMatteo
June 2. 2009 06:14
NHL Free Agency is upon us, and the first big sigining goes to the Chicago Blackhawks as they grab Matian Hossa away form hated rival Detroit.  This time however, Hossa may be staying put as the deal is for 12 years, so this could be the first step in the process as Chicago looks to overtake the Red Wings in 2009/2010.  I'll be staying on top of the NHL getting ready to help "players" take on the NHL in the fall

August 10. 2010 08:15
First week in College football brought really only one surprise Jacksonville St., beating Ole Miss and what an upset it was. Miami Rice had Jacksonville state plus 29-.QB Masoli can't carry the whole team. Poor Houston Nutt "it was the worst loss of my career". Well stay tune Nutt job a few more are coming. This is the week though when things will begin to sort out as there are huge games on tap with National implications. Oklahoma, Florida, struggling in their openers, was it a put on ?  Well watch USF and B.J Daniels next week. ALso, on tap, The "U" against Ohio State and FSU against Oklahoma.I got the 3 team parlay of the year and will be in Vegas this Thursday through next Tuesday making the play. Should fund the rest of my season.. Watch the MIAMI RICE post exclusive.. Only on Capecesports. Also BIG KUDOS to "Nickspick" for hitting the pick six at Delmar. Nice score Baby!

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