Hot Fun in the Summertime

by Capece 19. June 2009 03:03

Now that the NBA finals are over and the Stanley Cup is cooling down comfortably in Lemieux's pool, it's time to concentrate solely on baseball until we can start feeding our football Jones in August.  Hey, when action is your income, you have to go to work every day. Thinking about some old friends the other night reminded me of how those old timers used to bet baseball. They said baseball runs in streaks. So they would keep betting on a team to win until it lost, and once it lost they would keep betting on them to lose until they won, and on and on. Now, I'm not recommending you follow that strategy, just passing along some historical perspective. What I do recommend is that you keep in mind that you must do your homework and must exercise discretion. Remember, there is no substitute for hard work. Even though our experts (CapeceSports & Associates) are working hard to bring you the best insight and picks available, make sure you access all the information you realistically can when making your decisions. Obviously, this means you can't be betting on ten or twenty games a day and doing your due diligence. So keep it real, check our picks every day, especially our top picks, do your homework and make money. That is what we are doing and that's what it's all about.

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September 28. 2008 09:25
So true Capece, my favorite from the old days was once a team reached a 3 game winning or losing streak that they were sure to win or lose the 4th in a row and then you just rode them until the streak was broken.  Your approach to the "action" continues to be a nice change of pace from others that promise overnight success.

Keep em coming!

Miami rice
September 28. 2008 18:19
Crying in Tallahassee, Florida.

Well as I predicted a week ago after seeing the NCAA action taken against Alabama that the Florida State Seminoles Disciplinary appeal would fall on deaf ears, the NCAA upheld their action against FSU. Well the fans are crying foul and the local paper suggests "it's not over". Well the University has cut 82 million dollars of their budget over the past 3 years, professors are leaving to find greener pastures and the well liked and competent President T.K. Wetherell whom I served with in the State House and who has held this college together has  said "NO Mas" and has announced his retirement. You don't think that spells it's over??? Forget appeals, if they choose to continue the NCAA fight watch this begin to take it's toll on the upcoming football season. Trust me, the first press conference that Bowden gives will focus on Paterno as all time victory leader. I'm just about prepared to make my announcement as to how their season will unfold, so stay tune and watch my ACC selections early.It's time to move on people, use this as motivation to go after the Championship for Bowden and quit the Crying.I mean how many of their guys have been arrested in the past year?? Makes the University of Miami worst discipliary team look like a Boy's choir in comparison. Will this motivate or distract this team? Watch for Miami Rice selections soon.

September 29. 2008 04:19
I do agree that it is time to move on, but no matter how bad a few can make a program or University look, I still feel that for the most part we need to remember that these are for the most part 18, 19, 20+ young men under a tremendous amount of pressure to succeed no matter what.  This doesn't excuse the few bad apples at all, they deserve to be punished, I just wish we could find a way to "celebrate" the majority which to me really represent the spirit of college athletics.  Great posy and insight, looking forward to the early season picks, hope you like hockey as well, as I will be keeping Capece Sports updated on NHL happenings to get people ready for my picks next season.

Miami rice
September 30. 2008 03:00

Thank you for your comments. Yes, and I am cognizant of the fact that they are for the most part 18,19, and 20 year old young men. There are 19 year olds serving proudly in Iraq and Afghanistan. Dismissing their behavior because of age simply does not cut it anymore. The wide scale abuses and breaking of the law throughout this country's campuses (and I am not talking about petty larceny )has reached epidemic proportions. In Tallahassee, what is more disturbing is how their actions are handled by the local authorities and State Attorney's office. They too subscribe to the "well there young men" on a college campus. The trickle down effect can be found in an arrest made a couple of weeks ago here in Tallahassee of a High school senior who was arrested for armed robbery. The "KID" had just received the Mr. Florida football Award and was scheduled to go to Marshall University who quickly rescinded his scholarship. Too many Florida State Football players that have dsiplayed felonious behavior have been slapped on the wrist by Bowden and his staff and then protected by local authorities. All of this done SOLEY because they were football players.. Anyways, every program has it's day and I guess it's FSU time. Miami went through it, Colorado, Ohio St and so on. It's going to be over 100 dgrees today so I don't dismiss lightly their efforts on the field practicing.They give everything to the game.It is time the NCAA recognizes this and allows the Universities to provide them with some type of allownace. Until then we just sit on the merry-go-round until the next incident occurs, and it will. I don't know anything about Hockey Mr.D having grown up here in the south but love the game. Take Care... Miami Rice

The Prof
October 2. 2008 15:46
Well !! I can see that a more cognizant view is required here as Miami Rice seems headed for a seasonal disaster using perceptions and instinct  as opposed to mega-analysis to formulate his calls. The prof will refrain from early calls on Conf. finishers until inside info and analysis reveals which Univs. retain their titles as "GRAVEYARDS". How many titles have been left on the preseasson practice field ? Watch the prof to provide you with accurate data analysis to pich your winners and above all "Spank Your Monkey". In this space I will reveal the "riceman" to be muck akin to a "Dear in the headlights" of what promises to be a bountiful season. The Prof, Master of Mega-Analysis.

The Prof
October 3. 2008 03:51
Dr. Rice while you may be a meer dear your insight into behavioral deviancy incidence rates in that cat. college athlete does not take into accouint the closing of county farms, detnetion centers, etc. as recruiting aones. tHE HELL WITH VICTORY # -33? OF bb'S R @ MIGHTY THEN DIV.2 sAMFORD?

October 4. 2008 01:07

Professor you are the SOLE reason people argue against Tenure in the University system. Also, Mr.D as I predicted look at the Tallahassee Democrat page 3A. ( FSU football player arrested. That's right!!!  As predicted a few short blogs ago "ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST". Grand Theft and altering registration and license plates. UMM! Sounds willful and wanton to me but don't worry it will be reduced and he will play in the opener I am sure. As to the Professor, "Deer in the Headlights ? You don't even drive THANK GOD ! Please stay off the computer after 8 P.M. or the above results happen. See the Prof's blog above. Is that Chinese??? Your very "DEER" friend... Miami Rice   P.S. By the way Prof nice call on LSU..

October 4. 2008 08:58

Obviously we don't know each other, but if I read your responses to my post right, I think you may have missed what I was trying to say.  I AGREE with you that recruiting and making excuses for exceptional college athletes behavior is disgraceful and sends the wrong message.  I also COMPLETELY AGREE with your point about the young men and women that serve our country, they are all too often overlooked and forgotten.  But I truly feel that on an 70-80 man roster you have the MAJORITY of young men that take great pride in the eductaion they are receiving and in representing their university.  My point is simple, we don't hear enough about the good kids because that sadly, isn't news that sells.

October 4. 2008 17:44
Gentlemen, Gentlemen, Boys will be boys. It's not like Florida State has a lock on kids getting into trouble. Any program that is attracting top talent to take a shot at a national championsip is going to get some atheletes that are more apt to raise a little hell than end up on the Dean's list. FSU gets a lot of grief but their policies for dealing with law breakers is actually tougher than a lot of other universities. Sounds like everyone can't wait for football season to start...  

The Prof
October 5. 2008 17:39
Sorry Gentleman there is major difference between 'raising a little hell" and being a thug. Recruiting efforts = search for charachter and principles. Enuff - how about the main man Zekester on frigging fire in StickBall. As for Miami R, pull over and avoid the fast lanes some methodologies just dont stand the test of time. Tonite just watch the Tigers "Gorilla Bats" take the CWS. The Prof.

October 5. 2008 18:06
Talk about beating a dead horse to death.Give it up Prof... Your right though Zeke is on one of his famous rolls. I am afraid to call him and break the meditation. He said the other day a Tropical storm is going  to form and sure enough the freaking thing appeared over near Mexico. He is going to release his over under for storms very shortly. I say 9 named storms, always liked the nine at the Horse track. Anyone watching the recruiting on ? 22 new coaches too in the divison I this year and plenty on hot seat. I think  Tennessee self destructs this year even with the adddition of the number one running back bryce brown going there after a commit to Miami. Early calls, I think USC looses to California and possibly Oregon this year. OLE Miss no longer door mat. In the ACC Clemson's entire "D" is back and they have a great running game. Miami's brutal 4 game opening, FSU,, and Oklahoma will surely test there patience and new players.Watch Buth Davis at UNC turn in a stellar performance with his team/ I beleive in that guy since he was at Miami. Hope to be in Vegas with the Zeke man the first or second week of college season trying to catch some overlays and value before it starts to even out. USA playing SPAIN right now who is on a 15 game win streak. Do you beleive in Miracles!!!!!

October 7. 2008 03:17
Zeke once again has found his true calling. The news up here in the ATL is University of Miami has found a new quarterback coach and his name is Mike Vick. The fit is perfect for a once proud university. FSU goes undefeated this year!                    nuff said

October 7. 2008 03:48
Miami changes Mascot: The Miami Canines!!

October 7. 2008 20:45
Mr. "T" let us not forget that Mick Vick is a product of the inbreeding that goes on up in your neck of the woods. But beyond that "A muncher" I must commend your sources. Yes, The 'U" is going to put Michael Vick on as OB coach. In fact, we are now going to be known as the Miami Canines" NOT!!!! RUFF RUFF RUFF.. FSU will not be undefeated! They will not play in a BCS bowl. I don't know if you could hit a show bet in a three horse race but the "Zeke" has told me to go easy Tommy Boy. In my last blog I said "Do you beleive in Miracles"? Well the USA soccer team heard me and defeated Spain 2-0. Man, I wish I had them on the money line. Zeke continues his roll and the Prof predicted LSU would win the NCAA Baseball Championship. Nice call boys, see you at the watering hole, I owe 'U" one since it is all about the "U".

October 7. 2008 21:09

K9 Justus
October 14. 2008 08:02
Mr. Miami Rice U don't have a clue what the hell your talking about  !!
  But I  love U anyway Snapper head !

October 15. 2008 17:51
Hey K9 Justus, I suppose your down with FSU too. Well the world lost a good man the other day ALexis Arquello. I was in Vegas ringside when he fought Aron Pryor who now is a crack monster in Miami. Anyways, I met his attorney in Ceasars Palace he was from Coral Gables. We had dinner together.Quite a guy and he went with both hands. Alexis was a class guy and a good man and he will be missed. Thanks for the memories and for giving back to the sport and to your family and friends.

Bob Reynolds
October 22. 2008 00:36

Well I have been on a roll lately! LAst night caught the Canes spring game on t.v. several things stood out. The back up QB "Cook" will be the next Testerverde" at Miami. The running game will be explosive and punishing. Can't get handle on "D " YET. Also, information is coming in on Clemson and Nort Carolina. AT Clemson the QB situation is not as dire as some would predict but it will take time. The "D" will provide that and will keep tigers in all games. Watch "unders" as early play. N.C has had great practices and are very coonfident  however, they need a lot of help from a young "O" and QB. FSU continues appeals to ncaa, good luck, NOT. Tough to say how it will carry over into season but disciplinary problems will. By the way had " Gossip Girl in Amercian Oaks stakes race at 2/1 but 2$ tri returned $1400. Hoorah. Zeke, nice addition of Weather site. We just keep getting better.

Miami Rice
November 3. 2008 06:38
I have been sampling the local sports pages around the country focusing on ACC and SEC areas. Just want to check the local flare and to see who is pumped up. Caught an article regarding Canes in Miami Herald the other day. It seems that JAcory HArris and other starters are calling season ticket holders to thank them for their support and telling them they will be ready etc. I understand early line has FSU favored by 3 pts in opener now just 47 days away. It will be a Monday night contest. No total yet but I would think is will be in mid to upper 40's.You always hear the saying that this is the biggest game of the "U" etc., in a long time. Well, I have not heard anything out of administration that Shannon is on hot seat in part because of his great recruiting effort but the bottom line will be wins.I am beginning to get very good vibes about this club. This year the coaches better show their stuff. I understand the new offensive coordinator has been given a total green light  to do whatever and that has led to going for the long ball etc., something the Canes have lacked in recent past. I beleicve Miami running game will allow this to be successful. Fade Tennessee this year, Watch Ole Miss. Florida will be favored double digits in all games this year.. Many surprises ahead !!!

Judd Street
November 28. 2008 17:47
Forget about Gieco... Think about the MONEY that you could be saving & winning with

Seminole lover
December 17. 2008 21:50

Well the poor Hurricanes will be without their starting defensive ends (both ends). should be a romp although 40% chance for rain.really liked your picks for tonights games Zeke. I have already gotten down and am ready to see how we do. Thanks for returning my call and giving me the inside scoop.

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