Take Me out to the Ballgame

by Capece 6. July 2009 07:06

Sitting poolside the other day, sipping my drink and taking a long draw on my San Cristobal El Morro, it occurred to me that the only two days of the year that there aren't any regular or preseason professional U.S. sporting events are the days before and after the MLB Allstar Game. That means, when action is your income, you've got to get a piece of the Midsummer Classic. Talk about baseball running in streaks, the AL currently is on a 12 game unbeaten streak and are 17-3-1 since 1988 winning the last three games by just one run. The AL streak follows a NL streak tht saw the NL win 22 of 25 over the years 1963 to 1987 with the NL winning 11 in row starting in 1963. As usual both teams are loaded, but three of the AL sluggers, Jason Bay (BOS), Josh Hamilton (TEX), and Evan Longoria (TB) have been slowing down going into the final week before the game and Mark Texiera (NY) has cooled off following a scorching June. We will keep an eye on them. Both teams have plenty of pitching with Zack Greinke (KC) and Roy Halladay (TOR) taking a back seat to nobody. NL starters Tim Lincecum (SF), Matt Cain (SF), Josh Johnson (FL), and Chad Billingsley (LA) are an outstanding group of young hurlers. Will the NL finally end the AL winning streak? No team has ever one more than 11 in a row--2002 was a tie. Will the NL ever be the home team in a World Series? Will "Capece Sports" be named the most interesting handicappers in the world? For the answer to these and all other questions, stay tuned for our Allstar Game picks whether you are gonna play the moneyline, the runline, or the totals. And let's make some money because that's what its all about...
Come get some! Zeke     


June 13. 2009 05:42
Very interesting post Capece, and you may as well add Cleveland's Victor Martinez to the list of AL sluggers that have cooled off, and I happen to think that interleague play had quite a bit to do with it this year for all sluggers.  The at home field advanatge "carrot" has made this game a bit more interesting to watch, that much is for sure, but something tells me that this is going to be one of those games where one play or inning no matter where it happensis going to hold up as the deciding factor.  I'm leaning low scoring.

Hot Rod
June 13. 2009 05:57

You're on fire with your baseball picks!  I can't wait to see which way you go tomorrow night!!  Looking forward to some big prop plays too!!!

See you at the Hilton in August!  We're going to tear the NFL up this year!!!

Hot Rod

Mr. Big
June 13. 2009 15:40
This is great information.  I am like what your doing Zeke.  Wish I could sit with you and watch the Allstar game with you.  Be sure I will be cashing in.

Mr. Big

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