trading deadline around the corner

by misterd 24. July 2009 06:50

Ok, I'm from Cleveland so here are some baseball thoughts as the trading deadline nears.  The Tribe has two guys that are very attractive to contenders in Cliff Lee & Victor Martinez.  I don't necessarily think the Indians are that far from contention in the near future, so I don't think they will "push" getting rid of either.  A small, but potentially interesting move they did make was moving Rafael Betancourt to Colorado to clear his 5mill for next year from payroll.  Reports also from inside the Indians are that other non baseball related jobs are being cut such as ushers, ticket takers and such as cost cutting measures since attendance and revenue are way down.  Since the team on the field right now isn't producing any excitement or has any real identity with fans it shouldn't come as a surprise that steps are being being taken to reduce the entire organizations payroll.  Another thing I have noticed as an alarming pattern with the Tribe, is how ex-Indians seem to thrive when given a chance elsewhere that started under Eric Wedge.  Two that stick out are Franklin Guttierrez and Jeremy Guthrie that seem to have become very solid players when out from under what appears to be Wedge's extremely thin line of failure.  Young players seem to be afraid of making mistakes in his lineups.  Another example for this year is Jeremy Sowers.  Admittedly he cannot seem to get past the 5th inning, but isn't that what development is about, taking your lumps?  Why is he not pitching every 5th day for the seaon as David Huff is?  Toma Okha, are you kidding me?  It could be because the Tribe has too many of the same guy in Sowers, Huff, Laffey and even Scott Lewis, soft tossing lefties.  They all can benefit from being around Cliff Lee, so that is why I think Lee may stay and Martinez may go.  Chris Jimminez made his 1st ML start at catcher yesterday and that could be a sign that Martinez will be on the move in the next few days.  Just a few thoughts to consider.



June 16. 2009 14:34
Good points regarding the Tribe. Was it really just a few years ago that it looked like they might be the real thing for a while? The talk of the draft deadline however is Halladay. It will be interesting to see where he ends up. He could have a big impact on who goes to th postseson and in the postseason. I'm surprised we haven't heard more from the Bronx. The Yanks can afford to give up some talent to get Halladay (Chamberlin and some prospects?). The Yanks also could use a big home run bat in that merry-go-round outfield to bat behind A-Rod. However, it is hard to argue the yanks need offense when they lead in almost all offensive categories. The moves that are made before the deadline could play a big role in the postseason that should feature lots of fireworks with the likes of Boston, New York, Califonia, Philly, and LA mixing it up.  

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