NHL Free agent thoughts

by misterd 27. July 2009 05:04

Thoughts on some NHL free agents still without a new team:  I really tried to stay away from familiar names, but these two, Petr Sykora and Mats Sundin stick out to me as "curious".  Sykora had a solid regular season but seemed to disappear in the playoffs and Sundin was a much ballyhooed pick up for Vancouver that supposedly guaranteed a Stanley Cup run for the Canucks.  At 32 and 39 respectively the two may be looking at greatly reduced roles wherever they may land.

From defensemen the one that sticks out to me is Darryl Sydor of Dallas.  A leader on and off the ice, he would be a good fit looking for a team that needs to improve defensively quickly.  This could apply to a contender looking for a specific role to be filled, or a young team that would benefit from a "player coach" of sorts.  At 38 and a couple of Stanley Cups to his credit the idea of teaching while finishing his career might be appealing to him.

Goaltenders, a soft spot for me.  Olaf Kolzig and Curtis Joseph are out there, but lets stretch our imaginations a bit here as both those storied netminders have had long successful careers.  Manny Fernandez (Boston) comes to mind for me.  Every time I get to see him I think he could be that dependable #1, but only in Minnesota did it happen for a long stretch of games.  Is he one of those guys that perhaps despite solid numbers there is something under the surface that scares teams from bestowing #1 status to him?  Hard to tell, so perhaps if you are a team a year or so away with a young netminder in the pipeline, Fernadez could be your man at the right price to fill the gap and solve the mystery once and for all.



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