Sunshine showdown CANES VS NOLES

by MiamiRice 6. September 2009 06:17

Many would lead us to believe this contest is over before it begins. Vegas books have moved the line to 6 and a half from the opener of minus 4. Certainly this would appear warranted in light of the recent injuries and number of players for the Canes that will not be playing. But further analysis may suggest otherwise. In order for Canes to win they will have to control the clock, get a turnover or two and prevail on special teams, the latter being their strength. Miami's running game WILL be able to move the ball agaisnst FSU and this may in turn open up the passing game, the long ball threat and tight end in particular. The special teams are going to be great with the leading ACC place kicker and punter wearing the Canes colors. So it may just come down to a turnover. I have been waitng for this game and have watched the money line Canes plus $210. Lay $100 to win $210. FSU is minus a heafty $250.00 to win $100. I have the PLatimum pick on this game and total. Join Capece Sports...



The Proff
June 3. 2009 10:30
Welll Hat Tips due for MiamiRice & the Canes/Nole call his crystal ball was atuned on that one!!I understand he also feels the Noles willl reveal themselves to be a "very dysfunctional" program as this season unfolds, a view with which I completely concur. If you were on the wrong side Mon. night I offer a chance to spank your monkey by going with "The Coach" and the +7 vs those Dogs in Athens -feel free to say the "Wizz" sid so!!! Again good call Mr. MiamiRice!!!

Bob Reynolds
June 3. 2009 23:08
HOLY SHA-MOLY !!! Or something like that. Well if you could not see where I was going  with the blog I posted prior to the MIami vs. Florida State game you are just plain stupid and should not be gambling at all, or you need this site more than ever. WOW, last night while I was feasting at a local restaurant watching the Toledo game go "over" way OVER, I said to myself Miami Rice you took Miami on the MONEY LINE you have big balls. Oh, I know he dropped that last catch or I would have lost, right? BULLSHIT, No I would have still covered and made money. Actually, when I looked at that game I felt MIAMI would win by 7. FADE the Seminoles...PLEASE. Anyways, everyone was talking about who is going to win the OHIO STATE vs. USC game today. Who gives a shit! Why beat your head against the wall trying to figure that out when I will give you a three team parlay that will make you big money. The games I am giving to ZEKE to post, are early afternoon games so you can get started on a high note and then either take the money and run or stay up and play a night cap. I personally, am going back to bed,then I will wake up before the 4 o'clock games. I am so confident on these obscure but IMPORTANT games to these ball clubs that I told ZEKE to lay it all out. My first pick is an ACC matchup followed by some SEC and Big EAST action and then finalized with an out west team.. I am playing a three team parlay at 6 to 1 for $500.00. You do the math or just call ZEKE.  If you call me I am going to be asleep! It is your move. Thank you professor for acknowledging my great MIAMI pick. You have atoned for your sins with your recent blog/comments.I am turning the AC down and going back to bed and I am going to rest confortably.. Miami Rice

Mike Gillingham
June 4. 2009 00:23
Great pick! That is some really good analysis and a good call. Way to go!

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