Are You Ready for Some Football?

by Capece 12. September 2009 13:44

The time has come that we've all been waiting for. Fall is in the air, the coeds are back on campus, and footballs are flying nationwide. As much as we like major league baseball, college and pro basketball, and the NHL, nothing compares to football season. The NFL is the undisputed king of sports betting and handicapping and for good reason. Compared to college football and basketball there are far fewer teams in the NFL to track and analyze and there is much less player turnover in the NFL. Also, there is not the daily grind associated with games everyday as there is in the other sports. That said, you still have to do your homework. The old timers will tell you that you should lay off for the first few weeks and see what the teams look like--you shouldn't be basing your decisions on how the teams played last year and you need some time to see how the teams play this year. However, you can hit big early in the season if you have insight and sound analysis on your side. That's where Capece Sports comes in. When betting pro football, in addition to analyzing matchups and team stats, you  also have to understand how public perception influences the oddsmakers, especially for the big market teams. At Capece sports we are looking at all aspects. So, even if you take it slow early in the season, you still need sound handicapping advice. Remember, even a little action on a game makes it much more interesting and fun to watch. Waking up on saturday morning, checking the lines and weather reports and putting a little action on the saturday afternoon college games is an American tradition! Betting on college football is different than betting on the NFL. There is much less parity in college because of the constant player turnover. However, as with the NFL, all the relevant stats have to be analyzed and adjusted to suit the situation--you can't just look at the polls and the line. Bottom line, keep it real, stay within your limits, do your homework, and let's make money together. Come get some! 


The Proff
July 27. 2009 22:49
Our Man Zeke has hit it on the head!! Analysis. data driven by stats and the laws of probability is the key not the time of day or the moon's phase. Here (Cape.Sports) the proff has found consistant sound analysis with reliable service. Let's all go spank that monkey. BOL & Stay Calm!! The Proff

July 28. 2009 07:53
You are so right Zeke. I must admit, you know what you are talking about. Thanks for a big weekend so far. The Miami and Fresno State picks were dope.

July 29. 2009 04:32
Zeke, you speak the simple truth on how to approach "playing" and thats what has been sorely missing on the scene.  You lay it out with substance.

Keep up the good work!

August 12. 2009 18:45
What a weekend for the NCAA and us here at Capece Sports. There was so much low hanging fruit to choose from I almost could not see the trees from the forest. I think I could have it a six team parlAy without ANY PROBLEM.  Looking over the scores from yesterday (hindsight is always 20/20) I am wondering how I could have lost any game ( took CANES) but won all other plays. My best plays of the day were University of South Florida, Iowa, (thanks to my guy Paul out in the the Iowa country). ALso, the under in the CLemson/TCU affair. I liked TCU to win outright which they did. My suprise was the Oregon Ducks demolishing the Cal Bears who I early on stated WOULD make a run at the PAC ten Championship. Looks like Ducks and their QB Masoli put an end to that thought. On the gambling note it was a very good weekend. I am awaiting early lines to come out and will begin anew. WEATHER is beginning to be a factor (Canes game total going under). THought they could handle the inclement conditions but got to give credit to Va. Tech. WEATHER should ALWAYS be considered when handicapping. Never though, make it your determining factor. Check Capece sports web site before making your play. Several top 20 teams took a header this week and we are begining to see who has the hot hand (Houston, Boise St, OREGON ETC.)Georgia escaped and has not covered yet on any spread. Urban Meyer keeps his beloved TEBOW in game long after he should have been sitting out. By the way, it was CAPECESPORTS that knew first of the flu like systoms of their QB. I understand Zeke got a call from a friend of his on the Florida campus the night before game. Keep running up the score Meyer and your asking for your QB to get hurt. I still say Florida looses 1-2 games this season.Will see... FSU was stunned by South Florida but I sure was not. This (fsu)is a Dysfunctional team that is on a roller coaster ride. South FLorida had over 12,000 fans here in Tallhassee and they carried the day. Watch FSU side line during a game it says allot about the state of affairs there. WIll they completely implode?? Well looking ahead Bradford should be back for Oklahoma this week,Florida gets a bye week to heal Tebow. I will be writing an article after the early lines come out. Good luck to you all until then.. Miami Rice

August 13. 2009 01:44
Low hanging fruit is about right for the whole year thus far.  It seems like like the upsets have been very easy to spot and with a site like Capece Sports and "cappers" like Miami here, all players have to do is follow the yellow brick road so to speak!

Nice job and insights.

The Proff
August 20. 2009 08:45
Oh Well, it would seem the Boy Miami Rice has spent a little 2 much time in big box outlets with his emphasis on fading, as in Fading Glory I assume, and seeming obsession on hot air depressions (AKA Hurricanes)  Platinum perhaps renaming those picks silver streaks might be more appropriate. Sorry Mr Rice -perfromance must improve- the prood is in the "DATA". The Proff

The Proff
August 20. 2009 14:05
Well Mr.Rice - Imust believe that you are subject to flights of fantasy! Platinum (what is this)-do you work out of beauticians quarters or just chop shops? I will suggest that besides fantasy breaks their is a sense of true delusion as U thinking you with your fading (again hair color or jeans)U arent' desrving of a measure of ratshit. Further quit riding the Canes or I will add depression 2 your DSM list. your dependence upon them or is that just a love of any tropical depression - HOT AIR!!!! Keep Up no depressions here

August 20. 2009 14:08
The prof is back in the mental hospital. How do they allow u access to a computer?my research says U taught at fsu? Case closed go canes

August 21. 2009 14:42

Well as predicted FSU has now thrown Coach Bowden under the bus! Talk about airing dirty laundry. Headlines in Tallahassee Democrat.. Unbeleivable, but not really. Desperateness looms at the Seminoles Headquarters but to publicly admonish Coach Bowden for his years of accomplishments. Shameful!Wonder how this has helped the team. I heard none of the coaches are now talking to each other. Must make for some interesting practices unless they have given up those too. Please let's show some civility to a great Coach. I think he should stay there as long as he wants, he deserves it. And what about JUMBO JIMBO whatever the hell Fisher what has he proved???

The Proff
August 23. 2009 00:18
What gives here Mr. MiaRi? Looks like a classic case of "mulletese" better known as flip flop!! Perhaps Mr. Smith, the Univ. and the FB program would be better served if the Board of Trustees Pres. stuck to the mission of the board and stayed far away from opining on the status of Coach Bowden - the state of intramurals at FSU would be far more appropriate. Mr. MR with your opines about dysfunctionality Mrs. A. Bowden would likely appreciate your opinions on this more tehan the tur sports afn!!!! The Proff

The Proff
August 23. 2009 00:25
MR you ask what has coach Fisher proved? Try leading via coordination the most productive offense in the ACC last year and the only "o" to rack up 400+ yds in all games invoving top 10 opponents faced this year!!! As a head coach who knows what will unfold but as an Offensive Coord. SUCCESS everywhere he has been. Nuff Said?

August 25. 2009 20:21
No doubt Bobby B. has been a great coach. And he should be allowed to stay as long as he wants to. Problem is, he should know it is time to leave. Word on the street is that he does. Rumor has it he has told the players he is going to retire at the end of the season and deep underground has it that printed materials have been ordered for the retirement ceremony.      

August 26. 2009 17:29
when Action is your Income

August 27. 2009 01:48
Jesus!!! Let's get over this Bowden thing, can we??? The bottom line is FSU is on a downward spiral which will be amplified by the number of recruits that will leave or commit eleswhere. Fisher is in a no win situation following a legend and Mickey Andrews and Amato will leave with Bowden. Now there contemplating hiring Bowden as their recruiter. Great put the 79 year old out on the road. I guess that's better than throwing him under the bus! FSU will loose at least 2 more ballgames. Moving on...

September 1. 2009 11:11
Tonights game should be a good one!! Bearcats and Bulls...or BUllshit?? Just looked over the early posts for this weekend college action. The lines are getting tighter and more reliable for the books as power ratings are more accurate. There is still value to be found in some of the OFF the BEATEN PAth action or locating a dysfunctional team on the road. Remember dont let your EGO get in the way when betting because you want to handicap the big TV match up.. Look across the board sometimes to find the hidden treasure. I love to bet on the Naval Academy and Air Force teams. You know they are not drinking and partying every night and have the best of everything. They play there hearts out every week.

September 2. 2009 17:53

Miami Rice undefeated on Thursday night games. Bearcats easily win against south Florida. "I knew clearly that Cincinnatti would win handily. Everyone was touting how USF beat FSU. They did so with the help of 5 turnovers by FSU leading to easy scores". This weekend there are a number of intriguing match ups. Scores will be run up on BCS bubble schools and those vying for Division championships.  stay tuned as SEC upset to happen this weekend.

September 13. 2009 11:33
Overheard @ Cabos Island Bar & Grill - Central Fl. connections & Birmingham Med School ,football freaks with UAB interests - Say U can count on it - Bobby B to UAB as AD on 1st of year, on to depart N.ALA coaching job for head job @ UAB, Coach Andrews returns 2 Ala (UAB) as Def Coord. - U can say the proff told U.

Cuban Crafters Cigars
September 30. 2009 09:52
Great Blog! Really enjoying the entries.

September 30. 2009 10:50
Smokin Medina 1959 Miami Edition & geting ready for THE Bears & 49ers...Thanks Cuban Crafters....say Hello to Alex.

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