NHL trends beginning to emerge

by misterd 14. November 2009 03:56

Well, we are finally deep enough into the NHL season that certain statistical trends are beginning to make it much easier to recommend plays to "playahs" looking to get into some NHL ACTION at Capece Sports.  So today, as Capece's NHL specialist I have made Saturday, November 14th "FREE PICK TO ALL" Saturday with 6 plays in the NHL that I hope will wet some appetites for "action on the ice" heading into the main portion of the NHL campaign.  Things such as divisional game stats, home and road scoring differences, goalie home and roads stats, team home and road scoring are all beginning to show strong patterns that I analyze hoping to give Capece members an advantage over their "man".  I will always include key statistical evidence to support plays and since I finished both of the last two years (entire 2008/2009 posted on home page) at 64% or above you can do the math and see for yourself that treating the entire season like a marathon, not a sprint can bear nice results.  Good Luck


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