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by Capece 9. December 2009 08:14

Season's greetings my friends! Everyone here at Capece Sports wishes every one of you a happy and prosperous holiday season. You gotta love this time of year when the NFL, NBA, NHL, Horse Racing and college football bowls are all in full swing. Stay tuned for all Capece Sports bowl picks. Our analysts currently are working overtime to ensure you will get the best insight and advantage this bowl season. This being Christmas time, it is also time for Ol' Santa Zeke to check his list of who has been naughty and who has been nice. Topping the list of who has been naughty is, who else, Tiger Woods. Who would've ever thought Tiger had a wild side! I'm glad Capece Sports doesn't do a lot of golf handicapping because the sport is in for a long down period if Tiger decides to avoid the spotlight, and therefore the tour, for an extended period of time. Next on the naughty list is Charlie Weiss and Notre Dame. It wasn't that long ago that the prognosticators were predicting an undefeated season for the Golden Domers. What a difference twelve weeks makes! Also on the list are the Florida Gators. Florida was the odds on favorite to repeat as national champions. I think it just shows how much Percy Harvin meant to this team.


At the top of the nice list is Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts. Peyton is looking more and more like the NFL MVP and he has his team in position for an undefeated season. Same for Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints. You must admit, in the preseason there was not much talk of the Saints being title contenders. Who is the better quarterback today, between Peyton and Drew, can fuel a lot of debate. Also on the nice list are the New York Yankees. Congrats to them on number twenty-seven. Sure their payroll is huge, but a huge payroll does not guarantee a championship. Gotta give credit where credit is due.


And speaking of giving credit where credit is due, let's talk about Florida State coach Bobby Bowden. In recent seasons Florida State has floundered and Bowden has taken a lot of criticism. But as he enters his final game on New Year's day, let's not forget what a great coach he has been. The younger folks probably don't remember Bobby B. when he was known as the Road Warrior and the Riverboat Gambler. Bobby took his teams on the road as huge underdogs to play the top teams of the day so Florida State could pick up a paycheck. Those top teams would not reciprocate with games in Tallahassee but that did not stop Bowden. Back then college football was a game of "three yards and a cloud of dust." But Bowden, who does not get enough credit for this, emphasized the forward pass and defeated the likes of Nebraska, Ohio State, Michigan, Notre Dame and Oklahoma on the road by going over the top and pulling out all the stops. Pro football noticed and the West Coast offense followed. Bowden also was criticized for relying too much on trick plays but it was what he had to do get Florida State where he wanted them--on top. And the on-top lasted for 14 seasons of top five finishes, two national championships, and an NCAA anointed "dynasty." Coach Bowden has earned his place next to the greats in college football history. Thanks for everything Coach, you will be missed.   


Happy Holidays everyone and remember, keep it real, stay within your limits and have a prosperous holiday season with Capece Sports.

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November 1. 2009 04:05
Beautifully said Capece!  You have manged to mix some holiday cheer along with sports insights, a rare feat indeed and yet another example to you "playahs" what sets Capece Sports apart from the rest of the pack.

As Capece likes to say, "come get some"!

Miami Rice
November 4. 2009 02:10
Thought I would throw in my two cents on the latest FSU hiring of Mark Stoops as Defensive coordinator. As all of you know I have been adamant in my criticism of the handling of the Bobby Bowden matter. In addition , I told my fans to fade FSU for the year in their wagers. Well ,with the season over except for the Gator Bowl which FSU does not deserve to play in at 6-6, I guess I can put that chapter to rest. But wait what is happening now? Another controversy? You bet on it. If you don't know by now it has been the FSU Alumni that have been the ones "wagging the dogs tail". They have been calling all the shots on hiring, firing etc. As I have been told there is a close knit few $$$$$ Alumnus that run the show and meet weekly to discuss and DECIDE the fate of the FSU football program. The AD at FSU takes their recommendations very seriously, trust me. I have learned that many Alumni are concerned that Jimbo may not be the real deal to lead FSU back to National prominence and they want to hedge their bets "A LA hiring of Stoops". Think it's far fetched Heh? Believe me it is not and it will surface quickly should FSU get off to a slow start or there are HC coaching blunders. Jimbo Fishers tenure could be short lived. In addition, now he has to look over his shoulder. Stoops was not Fishers CHOICE. Needless to say though the Stoops hiring will help recruitment and FSU has stopped the bleeding in that arena landing a big name Corner Back the other day. Look for another year of dysfunction before they start to come together unless the coaching situation implodes again.

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November 15. 2009 01:10
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