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Capece Sports specializes in sports handicapping services. We have the world's most talented and dedicated sports handicappers. We specialize in  NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, NCAA Football, NCAA Basketball, WNBA, NASCAR, Boxing and Horse Racing. With our years of sports handicapping knowledge you can feel confident that you are getting the best picks available.



The Beginning, the Vision, the PLAY!
When does it begin? Where does it start?  That feeling when you know you’re in the home stretch, you’re on a 5-0 roll, and everything is coming up roses. It began for this guy in South Florida where Gambling is second only to Beauties and Beaches, and then that is a matter of taste. For me, gambling was everything; it was after all, my INCOME.
Whether it was working the phones at 15, running football cards at the corner stand, or perhaps my years working the Florida track circuit, sports and wagering were always in my daily diet. Over the years, I have been nurtured, mentored, and humbled by some of the best in their fields, College, Pro, Horses, Hoops, Baseball and more.
Today, many of those legends and relationships still exist and they have become part of Capece Sports. Remember, rule number one; you can’t be an expert in every area. Anyone that touts that will surely be the first one up from the table or the first one out the door. You must always respect the process! Capece Sports does! More importantly, we respect you. After all, it’s you and Capece Sports against the odds.
It is that knowledge and experience that Capece Sports Players will benefit from if they can handle their part of the game. That’s right; you have a part and an important one! First, accept that information and experience is knowledge in this profession. Second, treat this undertaking as a business and apply sound business principles. Together, we will make money.
If there is one thing I have noticed over the years, the one common thread of those in the winner circle or in the eyes of the one hoisting the trophy, it is this: They are all business, disciplined, smart with their BR, and always more knowledgeable above all others.
Capece Sports gives you the information to make the appropriate decision. When ACTION is your INCOME, trust Capece Sports.

Miami Rice

Miami Rice The Truth, the Legend, the Player

Never send “a lot of money to earn a little” shouted the railbird to me as I raced to the window. I thought for a moment, man you know that really makes sense just as I was going to plop down $1000.00 on a 3/5 favorite. In an instance, money management and real value raised their importance in the wagering business. Oh, there were others over the years that would bear fruit as well. “Get it where you lost it” pal and so on. Then there was “Jimmy the Fruitcake” and the “Bridge Jumper” that would bet thousands only on favorites to show. That is until the Bridge Jumper came in one day with the second mortgage money and pounded a prohibitive favorite who finished last after being pulled up. We never saw him again and thus "The Bridge Jumper” legend began.  Growing up in South Florida when Tropical Race Track was thriving and Hialeah Park was where the snowbirds would valet their Rolls Royce automobiles had its advantages. A place where films like “let it ride” were made amongst a host of others provided the greatest real life classroom experience to learn the inn’s and out’s, the do’s and don’ts and the smart play versus throwing good money after bad. Remember grasshopper, there are universal disciplines in wagering that are applicable to all areas of gambling, but that could be a subject of a book.

Nothing though would take the cake as the day I met Capece at Calder Race Course. I had just come off winning the Pick Six at Flagler dog track ($185,000) with a guy named “Dog Track Jack”. I was making the rounds showboating a bit which I don’t advise anyone ever to do. Another very important lesson never let them know your winning. Or as my dear friend “Mr. X” explains; don’t tell them anything. Anyways, I met Capece after I had heard of his good fortune, the largest Exacta payoff to date at Calder. We congratulated each other and thus the friendship which spans 35 plus years began. Over the years we both continued honing our skills with each of us going in different wagering directions. I have an affinity for college sports and some NFL. I try to focus solely on only a couple of areas, ACC, SEC and so on. When I learned “ Capece  (aka Zeke) wanted to develop a sports service to impart the years of pain and suffering we both endured  in an effort  to eliminate some of these pitfalls for the uninformed or newbie, I  knew I could not I  refuse. I mean who cares; I am on the backstretch of life and have had my fun. More importantly, Capece and I both know we can do it better and we love to win.

I have had a very varied life and work experience.  It’s documented too!  Former Police Detective, State Legislator and Inspector General for the Department of Business and Professional Regulation which oversees the Pari-mutuel Industry. Also, have done fight announcing on Tuesday night fights on ESPN. What’s that have to do with anything you ask!

Very simply, I have walked in circles few have. Information whether political in nature or not has Value. It’s all how you use it. I hope you will enjoy this sports service and I pledge to you the following; when I post a selection I am going to be in that corner with you all the way. When “action is your income”, trust Capece Sports. By the way, if anybody sees the Bridge Jumper tell him Miami Rice says Hi.

Miami Rice…………

Cleveland Associate-Sam Adams

Cleveland Associate-Sam Adams Hockey Specialist

Ralph aka "Samuel Adams" is a solid sports handicapper from the Midwest whose particular style of research favors the NHL (National Hockey league).  Ralph’s handicapping philosophy is “Every game is bet-able, but not all are win-able.”   His Training/Consultant background has helped him work through matchup stats and trends looking for what he calls a “Perfect Storm” of information that creates one an advantage for those that follow his advice.
Friends say jokingly about Ralph is a “wealth of worthless knowledge”, as he can recite obscure facts about sports, movies and even politics that no one else seems to care about. He uses that ability to commit things to memory to his advantage when sorting through handicapping scenarios that he combines with statistical analysis.
Ralph will rarely release “Sure Win, or 5-DIME plays or Money Back Guarantee” plays.  He prefers to say up front that handicapping any sport should be viewed as a “Marathon, not a Sprint”.  So if players have the patience and discipline to follow Ralph for an entire season, they will realize profitable results.

Nick Palermino

Nick Palermino
Nick Palermino has over 25 years of thoroughbred racing experience as a handicapper and additionally as a horse owner.  He has used his vast experience to formulate a proprietary handicapping system that specializes in Pick-3 and Pick-4 selections. Using several factors to calculate the best in Class and Speed Nick’s system essentially predicts more winners and eliminates the horses that have no chance of winning, in turn increasing more chances to win. With Nick’s wagering system, he recommends to use the first 4 selections for each race on Pick-3 and Pick-4 combinations. The alternative selections that are shaded should be used when there are scratches or to go deep in each race of the Pick-4. The alternative selections can also be used for the 3rd & 4th selections in Trifecta's and Superfecta's. 

Mr. X

Mr. X
This guy has truly seen and done it all ! A resident of Vegas since it was a tumbleweed one poker saloon town, Mr. “X” personifies the Frank Sinatra  song.  I’ve  been a poet, a puppet, a pawn and a King, I’ve been up and down but I know one thing, each time I look myself  back in the face, I pick myself up and get back in the Race. That’s Life!  No, that is the “X” factor my friend.

Mr. X has been a Bell Hop, Bartender, Dealer and sports book in the Vegas strip for over thirty years. This is the guy that knows all the “Whales” and knows all their ‘tales”. He is the guy that the front office would call when they wanted the low down on a guy at the window with a briefcase putting 20 dimes down on a game. He absolutely knows everyone in Vegas. His 30 year Rolodex is full of legends but the real stories Mr. X never put in writing. They will remain always with him and with the bones outside the Las Vegas strip.

You know the saying “what goes on in Vegas”… When CapeceSports found Mr. X he was living comfortably, very comfortably in a condominium right on the Vegas strip. Miami Rice and I were in town for the super Bowl when he called out to us. We were at the MGM sports book looking at some prop bets when he came over to us. We had not seen Mr. X in over ten years and he looked absolutely the same. Always dapper and impeccably dressed, Presidential Gold Rolex etc., very stylish but not a centerpiece. That’s the way Mr. X likes it. He would always say to us when things looked grim “stay calm”.

Anyways, Zeke and I had a long talk with him about the gaming industry, internet betting and what his observations we’re about sports betting and Life in general. He told us he had made a good sum of money and never had to tap the principal he had put aside in his bank account. He said look and he pulled out a wade of Hundreds. Mr. X said these days he bets maybe two games a week.

He says he gets calls from his friends at the casino sports books around town who tell him what’s happening and where the lines are moving, what action is coming in, and most importantly, who is laying down the big money and on what. Following that he said he walks in right before kick off and plops down 5 k on a game or a total and then goes home. What Mr. X has become is a clearing house for information. I mean information that only a guy who has the credibility, friendships and Vegas access could have. When Zeke and I told him of are undertaking and putting together “CapeceSports” he said he would only participate on a limited basis but wanted to see us make it. He said you two guys were always one of the “good guys” he could trust. Then he started bitching about how it’s not like the old days.

Today, Mr. X has become one of are most trusted advisors here at CapeceSports. I think we have reignited his passion for the game. I promise our customers this, when our selection comes from Mr. X., you will be betting on the knowledge and information from a real deal player and friend. Watch for the exclusive “X” factor picks and ALERTS!

Cannon Young

Cannon Young
Cannon Young has been a professional sports handicapper since 1992, after his first winning trip to Vegas, he has never looked back.  He has traveled the country doing research and getting inside info and still teaching friends how to win.  After years of leaning Cannon started monitoring the highly successful sports handicapping contest at the Stardust and Flamingo Hilton.  Cannon has been there to learn from the established Vegas insiders on how to win the big money over the long haul.  While quietly winning and staying under the radar the Vegas books have been after Cannon for years and he is still busting them up and now entering many of the professional sports handicapping contests.  Cannon, a Florida State University grad with many years in the athlete department, an all sport athlete himself, has spent years working to perfect his one of a kind analysis on NCAA football & basketball games.  Cannon has further developed an unbeatable winning strategy for Major League Baseball.
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